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We believe our services begin and end with our most important asset, our people. Providity brings together a vast network of highly experienced, talented and successful resources laser-focused on solving complex problems to guide you to your desired outcomes as a business. When you choose Providity you put your trust in our people to lead the way.


People are essential, but when you don't have a proper process in place to manage requirements, schedule, and budget, then it's easy to spiral out of control. At Providity, we lean heavily on our experienced project leads and solution architects to constantly adjust and align business needs with technology. We take great pride in looking beyond "the code" to your bigger picture needs, which is a process built to manage the greatest project challenge - risk. The skill and experience of our team to lead and guide the overall project is what we do and why we’ve been successful!


We love unleashing the power of Technology, but technology should be an enabler and not the stumbling block that we so often see. Providity has some of the most experienced and highly certified technical architects in the entire Salesforce ecosystem, with hands-on experience delivering some of the largest and most complex global Salesforce solutions.  Our team believes that there is elegance in keeping technology "simple" and not over-engineering every need or seeing every solution as "custom code".  We love technology, but we also love doing it right and keeping it both scalable and easily maintainable.


Agile methodology

At the heart of Providity's professional services and delivery model is an iterative strategy, which is the cornerstone of Agile.  You may hear Kanban or Scrum Master or any number of variations and terms, but the general idea is to split the development into smaller cycles.  The objective and power come from being able to decompose larger, more complex solutions, into smaller "stories" and requirements for delivery, all while putting features in the hands of customers early and often for immediate feedback.  From planning and design to building, testing, and deploying, each iteration (typically 2-weeks in duration) is aimed at delivering value to the customer.

Long gone are the waterfall days when you design something for several months, then go off and build it for 6-12 months and then just hope that when you get into testing, that it's what the customer actually wanted!  As the cost of identifying errors expands exponentially the longer they go unidentified, the Agile process greatly mitigates those risks.  The Salesforce platform, with how it allows for rapid-development, is tailor-made for Agile. Providity loves combining the two as it provides the mechanism for speed, quality and return-on-investment.  

Our professionals love Agile as it allows them to utilize their business and technical skills to truly drive digital transformation. We believe the key to successfully "doing agile" is to not only maintain flexibility in how we work with each customer, but even more so, not having any weak links or unnecessary layers within the Agile team.  We see each project team as just that, a "team" that must all work together as a single unit in order to achieve great things.

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