Managed Services
Here’s a look at some of our most popular services and what our team of professionals excel in delivering.

Manage, Support & Enhance

Many Providity Customers put their trust in Providity to carry their Salesforce IT operations forward with daily management, support and on-going enhancements. Our team of Providity resources is available in varying capacities and on-demand solutions to keep your business moving forward on the platform.

Salesforce Administration

Depending on the size of your organization, number of users and overall degree of complexity for your solution (integrations, communities, etc), the day-to-day Salesforce Administration needs can vary. From basic end-user support to staying current with core Salesforce, a Providity Salesforce Admin can assist in an on-demand capacity to support your business.

Dedicated Solution Architect

Each Providity Managed Services customer will have a dedicated Solution Architect as a primary point-of-contact to help guide the vision, overall solution and serve as the Project Leader to ensure all needs are being met.

On-Demand Resources

With a team of Providity professionals, averaging over 10 years of hands-on Salesforce experience, we have the entire Salesforce platform well covered and can quickly provide on-demand resources and subject-matter-experts for any special needs or unexpected staffing challenges.

Outsourced Professional Services

Salesforce resource acquisition, on-going training and retention are not only incredibly costly for many companies, but the platform itself now warrants a number of specialized skill sets. Providity lowers the total-cost-of-ownership for customers by providing outsourced professionals and skills to meet specific project needs.

Managed Deployments

Depending on the industry and level of compliance and governance involved, as well as the frequency of changes and enhancements being made, Salesforce deployments aren't always as easy as is often promised. Providity helps businesses identify the proper deployment tools and process, then serves as your Deployment Manager to ensure smooth releases.

Agile Delivery & Release Process

Our Providity Managed Services teams work with Customers to implement an Agile process to fit your business. From requirements definition and prioritization to development, testing and deployment, our team leads the Agile process to get you on a regular release cycle for continuous improvement.

Center of Excellence (COE)

A Salesforce COE acts as a central governing body for the entire organization, bringing together key stakeholders to create a single, well-defined group that is responsible for making decisions when it comes to "all things Salesforce". From architecture and user experience to new features and adoption, a COE guides the organization. As experts and evangelists for the Salesforce platform, Providity can help to establish and lead the COE to build Salesforce excellence.

Cloud Governance

Salesforce is a powerful solution that can help scale your business, increase efficiency, improve insights into performance and deliver numerous other returns. But the only way to realize those benefits is through a proper Salesforce governance strategy. Establishing, implementing and then enforcing a governance model is critical in managing everything from security and design to security and compliance.

Scalable Solutions

As businesses evolve and grow, the Salesforce platform should not only grow alongside, but be a key enabler for that growth. Providity's Managed Services offerings allow Customers to quickly scale by freeing up internal teams to focus on strategic priorities, while the Providity team works as your partner to execute and deliver your tactical Salesforce needs. The result is not only business evolution, but an increased return on your Salesforce investment.