Providity works across multiple verticals and combines vast industry business and technical knowledge with our Salesforce talent to deliver some of the most innovative and award-winning solutions.


From Salesforce automation, CPQ, and eCommerce to digital user communities, support and field-service, manufacturers today must be innovative in order to compete. Providity and Salesforce provide the tools and knowledge to unleash many historical roadblocks for this industry.

High Tech & Software

Automation of a constantly changing industry requires an experienced and "high tech" team who understands how to navigate complexity at a tremendous velocity. The Providity team helps to deliver both high-end and MVP solutions in a constant race to stay modern.

Financial Services

Providity helps our Financial Services customers to drive intelligent customer experiences to deepen the customer relationship. From building award-winning FinServe products to dealing with regulatory demands, the Providity team has experience driving solutions within banking, wealth management and insurance.

Higher Education

Now more than ever, Higher Education is extremely competitive, with institutions needing to attract and retain both students and staff. Student expectations are on the leading edge, so surfacing the right insights, along with empowering students through a digital experience, is mandatory in creating a life-long journey.

Transportation & Logistics

The transportation & logistics journey demands a streamlined experience, especially in today's world. From quoting and order tracking, to Sales, Service, Integrations & Analytics, the Salesforce platform provides many key features to help transform this industry through increased real-time data, collaboration and 360-degree data visibility.

Energy & Solar

Customer demands on Energy and Utility companies necessitate not only streamlining of process, but also upgraded technology to support growth. With Salesforce, the Customer Experience is placed at the center and allowed to enhance utility customer engagement.

Healthcare / Life Sciences

No industry requires as much attention to detail as Healthcare. Data is key and leveraging the data, while also taking advantage of the Health Cloud with a rich mixture of clinical and relationship management capabilities, is fundamental to not only patient care, but also for empowering patients and customers with valuable and timely insights.

Professional Services

From legal to tax, professional services are becoming a larger part of the economy, especially amidst productivity challenges and market fluctuations. As the rate of digital transformation is expected to continue to accelerate, the Salesforce platform is well-suited to support various marketing, automation, AI, CPQ and other critical collaboration and productivity needs to help services firms grow in a cost-effective way.

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