Technical Architecture
Here’s a look at some of our most popular services and what our team of professionals excel in delivering.

Custom Development

We believe in leveraging standard Salesforce and only "going custom" when it's absolutely necessary. Our seasoned Salesforce architects understand when and how building a custom user experience is the right thing to do. From personalized user interfaces to complex back-end functionality, our team is able to lead your transformation.

Lightning Web Components

As Salesforce's newest breed of user interface development, LWC provides a lightweight framework with exceptional performance. Built using standard HTML, CSS and modern JavaScript web standards, and with a library of pre-built components, our team excels in leveraging LWC to create rich user experiences.

Design & Architecture

Providity has a team of highly-skilled Technical & Solution Architects who take great pride in building not only a great solution but also in building a great foundation in the proper design. With the speed of Agile, it's critical to have experienced personnel making sound technical decisions. Our Architects create the blueprints which lead to higher ROI and long-term success.

Custom Integrations

Research indicates that the average customer has as many as 5 different systems that connect to Salesforce. Our integration experts understand how to design the proper integration and leverage middleware platforms to manage those connections. From custom APIs to Mulesoft, Boomi or other integration engines, the Providity team knows how to implement complex integration patterns.

Data Migrations

Whether you're migrating data into Salesforce for initial implementation, or as part of regular production jobs, data is critical. Providity has some of the most highly-skilled data architects and uses time-proven processes to efficiently Extract, Transfer & Load (ETL) data between multiple environments.

Mobile Development

Mobile access is more critical now than ever. Increase productivity by deploying the Salesforce Mobile app to your workforce, or go beyond that to create custom mobile experiences for your users, customers or partners. Manage sales, service and all of your Salesforce data seamlessly from your mobile device.

IoT Integration

From Salesforce IoT starter kits to custom IoT integration, getting real-time data to manufacturers, customers and key personnel are transformative. Harnessing IoT data to build, iterate and deploy proactive sales, service, marketing or other business processes provides an entirely new definition of 360-degree data that truly puts the customer experience first.

AI & Bots

Not only are today's consumers quite familiar with interacting with virtual assistants, many even prefer it! From general customer support questions and case deflection to sales and order support, well-implemented Saleforce bots, coupled with significant advances in the field of artificial intelligence, are driving some of the most significant productivity boosts in businesses today... at a time when it's most needed.